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Yo, I'm Todd. Honorary Aussie, and founding member of ADogs. In fact, I've been here since before ADogs even existed. Since like... 2011. 2012 at the latest.

I'm an artist, a gamer (duh), an animator, and a game dev in training, planning to work under Jaffa. I'm a member of Hyun's Dojo, and have a Duelist there. I like metal, rock, certain kinds of electronic music, and symphonic metal, and some nightcore. I watch anime, but no, I'm not a weeb. I'm not Japanese, I don't think I'm Japanese, i don't want to be Japanese, I'm not obsessed with Japan. By definition, I am not a weeb. I don't even know the language.

I play D&D and other tabletop RPGs, and love the RP aspect of them particularly. I have a D&D game every so often, but it's not a regular weekly thing. As far as video games go, I don't play often unless I'm playing with people I know. I mostly play Heroes of the Storm or League, but I could be convinced to play ECO, ARMA, DayZ, or a few other games.

I'm from America, but I won't say where specifically. On average, I get about 230 to 245 ping on Australian servers though, so be prepared for that if you want to play a game that's lag-sensitive.


Nice meeting you all, and I hope we can all be great friends!


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